About Us

What we do

Drugwatchcom.com was initially launched to serve as a informational resource regarding medical issues and medical lawsuits. The site was abandoned in 2017.

The website was acquired and re-furbished, with most of the original content and information still available in it’s original state. This website is only intended for entertainment purposes. We are not lawyers, we are not medical professionals and the content on here is strictly for entertainment purposes.

Should you need legal advice, or medical advice, we encourage you to contact the appropriate professionals. We also advise you to use all the information you can find on the web.

The current owner of the website is simply restoring and preserving the website at the time it was abandoned. A lot of content was lost and we are striving to work on ways to get back more and more content that was originally placed here.

This website is NOT affiliate in any way, shape or form with DrugWatch.com.